White House, Oct. 20, 1902

"At this moment, my small daughter being out, I am acting as nurse to two wee guinea pigs, which she feels would not be safe save in the room with me…"

White House, Oct. 19, 1903

"When we got home Mother went up-stairs first and was met by Archie and Quentin, each loaded with pillows and whispering not to let me know that they were in ambush; then as I marched up to the top they assailed me with shrieks and chuckles of delight and the the pillow fight raged up and down the hall…"

White House, Nov. 4, 1903

"To-night while I was preparing to dictate a message to Congress concerning the boiling caldron on the Isthmus of Panama, which has now begun to bubble over, up came one of the ushers with a telegram from you and Ted about the football match. Instantly I bolted into the next room to read it aloud to mother and sister, and we all cheered in unison when we came to the Rah! Rah! Rah! part of it. It was a great score. I wish I could have seen the game."

White House, Dec. 19, 1905

"I wish you could see the children play here in the White House grounds….this coming Saturday afternoon I have agreed to have a great play of hide-and-go-seek in the White House itself, not only with these children but with their various small friends."

White House, June 24, 1906

"To-day as I was marching to church, with Sloane some 25 yards behind, I suddenly saw two terriers racing to attack a kitten which was walking down the sidewalk. I bounced forward with my umbrella, and after some active work put to flight the dogs while Sloane captured the kitten, which was a friendly, helpless little thing, evidently too well accustomed to being taken care of to know how to shift for itself. I inquired of all the bystanders and of people on the neighboring porches to know if they knew who owned it; but as they all disclaimed, with many grins, any knowledge of it, I marched ahead with it in my arm for about half a block. Then I saw a very nice colored woman and little colored girl looking out of the window of a small house with on the door a dressmaker’s advertisement, and I turned and walked up the steps and asked if they did not want the kitten. They said they did, and the little girl welcomed it lovingly; so I felt I had gotten it a home and continued toward church."

White House, September 28, 1907

"Quentin came hurrying back on his roller skates and burst into the room to show me his treasures. I was discussing certain matters with the Attorney-General at the time, and the snakes were eagerly deposited in my lap….As Quentin and his menagerie were an interruption to my interview with the Department of Justice, I suggested that he go into the next room, where four Congressmen were drearily waiting until I should be at leisure. I thought that he and his snakes would probably enliven their waiting time…"



Royal Palace of Madrid, Spain by kostyasticky

Royal Palace of Madrid, Spain by kostyasticky



literally something a serpent with tiny claws and/or legs would say



literally something a serpent with tiny claws and/or legs would say


Knowledge is knowing that Frankenstein is not the monster.

Wisdom is knowing that Frankenstein is the monster.

happy birthday, bryce pinkham! 


Assassin’s Creed Rogue - Character Renders

Mison, who first mentioned the ordeal at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, tells TVLine that shooting the sequence involved “trying to get a little bit of paper out of the crow’s mouth, and he bit my hand to buggery.”

“His name was Shaft. Shaft, the crow. They just let the camera roll and for about 15 or 20 minutes — a long time — it was just me going up, holding my hand out, trying to get the crow to drop the bit of paper in my hand. Instead, he’d put it next to him, peck my hand, and pick it up again,” Mison recalls, laughing.

“One of the best moments, the crow wrangler — what a job description — was just out of sight, hiding behind a bookshelf. I heard him at one point go, ‘Goddamn it, Shaft, you’re being an idiot!’ which is my quote of the season. It’s my favorite.”

- Tom recounting his experience working with a crow on set. [x] (via tommisonfans)

Rusalka, paint-on-glass animation by Alexander Petrov


Chris Pine seems like the kind of guy who sits at the Adults table at Thanksgiving but keeps turning back to the kiddie table to laugh at their jokes